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  1. Audits for church LGBTQ+ inclusion, equity, and belonging

  2. Meeting and retreat planning and facilitation, including complex, emotional discussion

  3. Educational workshops and training

  4. Written materials for awareness days, advocacy, and devotions

  5. Advocacy support within legal limits

  6. Pulpit supply

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Artie has a long history of experience within churches and the study of Biblical interpretation and Christian culture. Their experience and expertise includes: 

  • A lifetime in a church removed from the SBC for baptizing gay members, including internal-church studies and conversations

  • Religious Studies major with a Christian Education concentration, youth ministry minor, and YMCA minor at a Baptist university completed all coursework before transferring to complete a UNCC degree - included biblical languages

  • Current M.Div. with LGBTQ+ studies concentration at Chicago Theological Seminary

  • Facilitating and hosting interfaith coalitions and church groups

  • Faith organizing for voting rights and LGBTQ+ advocacy at the local, state, and national level

  • Moderating and participation in faith panels

  • Helped create the first GSA at a Baptist university - including organizing and conversations

  • Resource for church leaders navigating LGBTQ+ inclusion and advocacy

  • Pulpit supply and preaching experience

  • Writing for devotionals, church memos for awareness days and advocacy

  • Conversation facilitation, Bible study leadership

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