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Built in programs and services available starting Day 1: 

  • Moderated co-working spaces M-F, 9am-5pm EST with a variety of formats including:

    • video and text on, audio off for silent coworking.

    • video, text, and sound on, as if you're working at a coffee-shop or want to be able to talk openly with people in the space.

  • Group meeting, event, and coworking space moderation and facilitation by master-level social workers

  • Weekly group priority and goal setting, with midweek progress check-ins

  • Ongoing book clubs

  • Writing groups 

  • Technical support

  • Access to body doubling

  • Ability to start virtual clubs around shared interests, tasks, hobbies, topics, etc.

  • Discussion forums

  • Weekly member-led topic presentations and skill-shares 

  • Social events such as trivia, movies, games, and hobby nights

  • Searchable, collaborative resource guide on limitless topics

  • Life group discussions to share what's going on and how we can support one another

  • Ongoing organizing, advocacy, and activism education

  • 24/7 access to the space

  • Space to share mutual aid requests and personal promotions

  • Virtual outings including virtual events presented by other organizations or spaces

Do these values resonate with you?

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