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This space exists to:

  • use scientifically-proven social and behavioral techniques, such as body-doubling and accountability, to maintain work momentum and reach personal and professional goals while maintaining connection and joy.

  • combat isolation through an open and dynamic, supportive community that gathers for work and social enrichment.

  • connect people based on personal and professional interests and geography to discuss, collaborate, and expand their perspectives and knowledge base. 

  • provide support, accountability, and strategies to complete our tasks and reach our goals.

  • celebrate our accomplishments.

  • build community and relationships

  • support and encourage one another personally and professionally

  • expand access to cowering space in a way that's more accessible than traditional coworking spaces through:

    • increased financially accessibility

    • availability anywhere with access to the Internet or mobile data

    • alignment with our personal values

    • providing benefits for those who need to be at home for caregiving, disabilities, or other reasons

    • allowing for control of our own personal, physical environments

    • safety and belonging for all of our person, including our marginalized identities

  • experiment with new ways of being and of doing our day-to-day lives and activities

  • develop and provide constant access to resources and topical guides

  • engage with one another socially through events and virtual outings

Do these values resonate with you?

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