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Pride Education Services launched in 2012 to fill gaps in the ways businesses, nonprofits, and other industries were responding to the sociopolitical environment. We started out providing LGBTQ+ inclusion training, understanding the ultimate need for wraparound approaches to success. Our primary goal was to develop our internal capacity so that we could eventually provide services that served many of our clients' needs through our unique skillset and perspectives. Our team is experienced in business mangagement, nonprofit leadership, and social science, bringing decades of strategic expertise. 

Why Social Science? 

Our company views quality improvement, work culture, and strategic planning through social science, because these fields can provide numerous, significant benefits to organizations and businesses. By understanding and applying principles from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, and political science, we collaborate with you to make more informed decisions, improve your operations, and enhance your overall performance. Some areas that social science can strengthen our perspectives and skills are: employee behavior and productivity, human resource management, consumer insights, organizational culture, behavioral economics, sociology and psychology, decision-making strategy, risk management, political science, ethics, psychology, mediation, and conflict transformation. You will see all of these reflected in our services.

Social science offers a wide range of tools and insights that allow us to best serve you in understanding internal dynamics, reaching your targe audience, and navigating complex social, economic, and polical landscapes in which your business or organization operates. It can lead to more effective strategies, increased performance measures, and a positive impact on society, all which will improve your legacy and ensure your work is something that brings you PRIDE.

Learn more about our founding principal, Artie Hartsell, here.

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