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Pride Education Services brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the inner workings of church life, as well as backgrounds in theology and hermeneutics. In addition to the services listed here, we offer additional services specifically for church spaces, including:

  • LGBTQ+ study group curriculum and resources:

    • For churches that are seeking to begin or move further along the journey to LGBTQ+ inclusion, we are able to tailor processes for decision-making, study guides, curriculum, and resources.​

    • LGBTQ+ inclusion workshops

    • Outreach to LGBTQ+ and ally communities

  • Advocacy:​

    • For churches looking to live out their values through community and policy advocacy, we can help you with: ​

      • tactics for organizing your congregation and groups of congregations

      • campaign and advocacy training

      • understanding how advocacy intersects with the separation of church and state as well as legal restrictions

  • Outreach:

    • In addition to our regular storytelling and marketing services, we will help you put together a website and social media plan that is user-friendly for updates and within your management capacity. We will provide training to staff and lay leaders who would like to participate in managing this content.​


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