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Whether you are a direct service, community-based, or advocacy nonprofit, Pride Education Services brings extensive experience in nonprofit settings. In addition to the services listed here, we offer additional services specifically for nonprofit spaces, including: 

  • Advocacy:​

    • For nonprofits looking to live out their values through community and policy advocacy, we can help you with: ​

      • tactics for organizing your congregation and groups of congregations

      • campaign and advocacy training

      • understanding how advocacy intersects with your tax-exempt status

  • Civic engagement:​

    • Civic engagement is a social determinant of health. We can provide nonpartisan political education around voting, what's on the ballot, and other local issues for your clients, communities, staff, and volunteers as well as outreach tactics and voter registration training.​

  • Outreach:

    • In addition to our regular storytelling and marketing services, we will help you put together a website and social media plan that is user-friendly for updates and within your management capacity. We will provide training to staff and lay leaders who would like to participate in managing this content.​

    • Need help recruiting and retaining volunteers? We will introduce tactics and help you implement them and grow your capacity.

    • Tell your story for grantwriting, marketing, and more.  Look into our storytelling and narrative services - this is especially important for nonprofits! 

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